Cancun's central location makes it convenient to all the sights and adventures on mexico's tropical caribbean coastline
Incredible natural wonders; underground rivers, cenotes and underwater caves combine to create a rich and magical environment. Water sports are a highlight in Cancun including swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, fishing, para-sailing, sky diving and eco-tours.
Delight your body in one of the seven varying-temperature pools, while our ambient music provides a soothing background. In the pool and beach area there's always someone at hand to attend to your wants and needs. Breathe deeply and let the warm, ocean breeze revive your spirit
The unique concept opens the doors to all your senses, allowing to restore your balance and maximize your Passover holiday. Become one with the sea, feel the turquoise-blue waters of the Caribbean. Personal service, genuine atmosphere & luxury.
Choose one of the private cabanas while you enjoy a drink from the Pool or Beach bar. Relax. Have Fun. Immerse and renew, visiting the SPA. You choose. The cuisine, relaxation, aromas and little comforts will make you desire to stay at Pesach in Cancun forever.
Featuring an assortment of dining options unlike anywhere else, your expectations are sure to be exceeded.

A vast array of a la Carte dinning selections including Steak House, Asian, Mediterranean Ocean Front Tapas and Daily BBQ Asado Celebrations. Sweet treat lovers will be delighted by the mouth watering French Patisserie and the homemade Italian style Gelato. Our designers' productions will win you over creating memorable moments.

Our professionally trained team of counselors have created an amazing program for children of all ages. Whether you have babies, young children, or teenagers, they will find a schedule full of exciting and engaging activities in our day camp.



You are discerning guest with specific pesach requirements. You know how you want you Seder to be run, and what kind of ice cream you enjoy. All you need is a caring, attentive program to ensure that all of your wants and needs are met. You and your family are looking for a Pesach like no other, and you just found it.
More than one decade of unbeatable pesach experience.. We have been continually re-imagining your pesach getaway year after year. You know us, the visionaries who created Pesach in Cancun, Pesach in the Cove, and Pesach in the Playa. Our track record of catering to you every whim is impeccable.